In 2014, i registered for a 3 months advance photography training in a studio where i was taught how to use studio lights in advance forms. During one of the days after the training when i got home, i wanted to practice what i learnt but i didn’t have those expensive studio lights. I just had one camera and a speedlite but i understood what i was taught about using lights. I called my neighbor’s son and using him as a model, i practiced and had a portrait photo shoot with him. I sincerely did not see anything unique about the pictures i shot and just copied them into my hard-drive.
The next year Nikon came to Nigeria and had a photography summit and photography competition themed “I am Alive”. They asked for images that showed “i am alive”. Going through my hard drive, i saw that portrait shot the previous year and though it looked like what they were asking for. I sent in the portrait and won the first prize of $1,000 dollars voucher (out of over 1,000 photographers that also participated).

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